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Here’s Why You Should Give Back to Your Customers

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January 24th 2021
Here’s Why You Should Give Back to Your Customers 1Veronika Mikec is a full-time student, writer, and future revolutionary.


I don’t know about you, but I love maintaining good relationships with my favourite brands. Not only does it make me feel good to know I’m appreciated – it also always makes me eager to come back for more. And I’m sure it’s the same case with the majority of customers from all across the globe. It’s in human nature to crave approval, and it’s no different when talking about relationships with companies – that is why it’s important that you, as a brand owner, give back to your customers, ensuring mutually beneficial bonds beyond the sell and buy aspect of business.

Why Should You Give Back?

There’s a bajillion reasons I could list on why it is important for your company that you give back to your community, but here are some of the most important ones. One of the major benefits of showing your appreciation to those who believe in your business is that is builds new and strengthens the existing relationships with your customers – and since they are the ones that drive your sales, this is one of the most important aspects of thanking them. On the other hand, the gesture works in favour of your workforce as well – your employees may feel more encouraged to continue working with you and giving it their all. A recent study showed that more workers care about the humanitarian aspects of their jobs, rather than having big numbers in their bank accounts. Knowing they are working for someone who finds purpose in engaging with their customers inspires them to be more productive, creating a very positive work environment.

Ways of Showing Your Appreciation

There exist thousands of ways of showing your appreciation and giving your thanks, although not all of them are as equally effective – obviously. Here are some of the most common approaches to showing your customers you value their unwavering support and trust, while also growing your brand.

Social Media Contests

Not only do contests on your company’s social media profiles engage your audience, they also help grow your business. Whether or not someone wins the freebie you’re offering (whether that be a coupon for one of your services or an actual product), these free raffles help create a sense of a close-knit community that will very likely convince newcomers to consider becoming a part of your customer base. Of course, these contests are also a way of promoting your own brand – asking people to tag their friends and family, share your posts and like your page in order to enter the competition will put your company on the map – the more people participate, the better. You do, however, have to keep in mind that you must come through with the gifts you’re promising. Otherwise, the outcome may be the exact opposite of what you’re expecting.

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Birthday Gifts

The most obvious way of giving back to your customers is on their birthdays. In doing so, you’re treating them like close friends, and not just someone who buys your products or services. Now, while this is the perfect way to show your appreciation, this type of gift is limited on a smaller number of people – usually, you’d surprise a customer on their birthday if they’ve been a regular client of yours for a longer period of time. While just about anyone would be happy and excited for a gift on their special day, it is nearly impossible to pull it off in a way that wouldn’t leave out anyone. Hence, it is better to stick to those who you’re familiar with. 

For a birthday gift, you’d want to give them something that reflects your brand – if your niche has to do with environmentally friendly products, consider gifting them something in that department. On the other hand, if you’re not familiar with their date of birth, you could surprise them with a simple promotional gift.

Free Shipping During Holidays

I’m talking from experience when I say that high shipping prices often almost convinced me not to purchase a product online. While eliminating the shipping amount from the collective price of your items is downright impossible (unless you’re working in the big leagues with money to spare), you may want to consider offering free shipping in the holiday season. About a month or two before Christmas is when people really begin looking for the perfect gifts, but also usually have a set budget – if you can offer them a way to spend more of their money on actual presents rather than on transportation fees, this may lead to bigger sales during Christmas time!

Charity Fundraisers

Best way to give back? Giving back to those less fortunate! If you can afford it, consider donating a portion of what you’ve earned to charity organization or shelters. Now, this will not affect your relationship with the buyers, but it will work in favour of shaping your company’s image and reputation. Once your clients and prospective buyers see the ways in which you decide to selflessly spend your hard-earned money, you are sure to generate a bigger number of purchases in the future. After all, people enjoy working with companies that care about more than just business.

Monthly Appreciation Mails

The easiest, most practical, and least expensive – free, even – way of giving back is by reminding your customer base of their value. Sending them thank-you e-mails every now and again will constantly remind them that they are appreciated and thought about on various occasions. During the holidays or on other important dates you may want to send them a promotional code for them to use on their next purchase. Of course, in order to be able to thank them in this way, you’d need to set up a subscription list.

Hopefully some of these strategies prove to be of use to you in the future!

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