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Headphones – my lifesaver

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October 10th 2019
Headphones - my lifesaver 1Renata Novak is a brand manager, digital marketer and content writer.


I like people around me, even when I am working. They give me warm feeling of being surronded by the people that share the same passion and beliefs like I do. Not to mention that majority of my work is team orientated, so open space offices are  certainly not for somebody, who is a »one man band.«

Drinking morning coffe becomes like a small ritual in our office and during the break we share some personal insights, stories and informations. After the coffe we take positions in front of our computers and dig into the work. Here and then some word exchange happen but otherwise we work in a peaceful and calm environment.

A few weeks ago we’ve got a new coleague. Sheila is nice, friendly and team oriented person. She was our new marketing assistant. First week there was a lot of new information for her, so we spent a lot of time together, me being her mentor. She was great, fast learning, except ONE THING that I couldn’t overlook. Her talk and her voice was really really loud. Loud enough that it started to affect my work and my calm and peaceful working environment. I talked to her and explain her that when I am working on some presentations I really need my peace and quite time. Unfortunatelly her loud voice stayed the same as this was something in her nature and no matter how hard she tried her voice was still loud.

As she was a really great assistant I have to find some other solution. I cannot fire her because of her strong and loud voice. So I found a new way. Headphones. I bought myself trendy, nice headphones, which solved all of my problems. They created calm and peaceful working environment for me.

And they can create it also for you. Not only in your office but also on the train, bus or airplane. Whereever I go, they go with me. They become my tool for creating a nirvana for me.

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