Here's why you should prepare for your vacation

How to Properly Prepare for Your Vacation?

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September 30th 2019
How to Properly Prepare for Your Vacation? 1Renata Novak is a brand manager, digital marketer and content writer.


Everyone gets excited with new trips coming up—days of complete relaxation are right around the corner, and we’re in desperate need of putting our minds on pause. However, there are still chores that need taking care of, and most importantly, there’s planning. Although a mundane task, mapping out our vacation can turn out to be a lifesaver once we get to our destination. With carefully chosen accommodation, places to eat, and activities, we have practically nothing to worry about. That is, until we realise we left behind some important items, which in the frenzy of planning and packing, slipped our minds.


1. First Aid Kit

You never know when an accident may occur, so it’s better to come prepared. Whether it be a snake bite or just your own clumsiness, having a first aid kit on you at all times is incredibly important. While some injuries only require rubbing alcohol and a plaster, other might be of more serious nature, and lowering the possibilities of them getting worse is imperative. Not only does carrying around emergency aid provide immediate help, it also keeps you calm knowing you came prepared. The same goes for painkillers, as headaches and toothaches usually come out of the blue.


2. Rainy Days

We can all agree weather is unpredictable—you could check the forecast hundreds of times, or even a second before leaving home, and there would still be a possibility of rain. For this reason, it is necessary to have a backup plan, and come equipped with proper rain gear—especially if you’re heading to countries where weather is known to change on a whim (Philippines, for example). We’re talking umbrellas, rain boots, rain coats, anoraks, backpack and suitcase covers. Of course, you can get practical with this—instead of having to pack rain boots, just wear waterproof shoes, for instance.

So, how exactly should you prepare for your vacation?

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3. Passing Time

As it turns out, journeys to our favourite destinations often take long hours. While some like to sleep that time off, others constantly look for things to keep them busy. However, on public transportation, there’s very little you’re able to do. Consider bringing playing cards if you’re travelling in a group, or opt for a tablet to watch movies on if you’re vacationing solo. But don’t forget you’re not the only person there—should you decide to spend your time watching sitcoms, use headphones to avoid disturbing other passengers.

If you’re travelling in the car with your family or friends, you may want to help them fight boredom—pull out a speaker and have a fun karaoke session while you wait to reach your destination. Once you arrive, you can easily move the party outside, and enjoy the beginning of your vacation in style.


4. Adapters of All Kinds

Although we’re all aware of the fact that different countries require different power plugs, it often happens we forget to check whether or not we should bring an adapter to be able to actually use the socket. By overlooking such a tiny, yet significant detail, we’re often left with an empty battery whenever we need it the most. Nowadays, we are very much dependant on our electronics, so make sure you bring an adapter!


5. Copies, Copies, Copies

Never leave home without proof of your booking confirmations! The worst thing that could happen after arriving at your destination is the hotel losing your reservation. Although the fault is all theirs, the issue can be solved quickly if you pull out a hard copy of your online reservations. Don’t rely on your mobile devices, either—they tend to give out at the worst times. Additionally, before leaving home, make copies of your IDs and keep them in a place separate from your actual documents in case you lose your original ones or they get stolen. Better safe than sorry!

Once you go through the entire packing process two, three, maybe six hundred times, you’ll for sure get the hang of it! Until then, make it easier for yourself by compiling a list of necessary items you don’t want to forget at home.

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