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How to Choose the Perfect Corporate Thank-You Gift?

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October 9th 2019
How to Choose the Perfect Corporate Thank-You Gift? 1Veronika Mikec is a full-time student, writer, and future revolutionary.


Good business partnerships are one of the cornerstones of successful companies. While first impression is undoubtedly the most essential moment of a partnership, keeping it on good terms is equally important. One of the ways of doing so is by surprising your business partner with a small symbolic corporate thank-you gift, to give thanks for a project they helped you with, or simply to express your appreciation for their support through the years.


1. Business Planner

A business planner, both thoughtful and practical, will be of perfect use to your business partner—being able to plan out their following week in the form of a journal will prove as a helpful way of organising their day-to-day life. And besides, where else would they jot down the date of your next meeting?

Apart from business-related tasks, a planner is a great way to keep track of personal and family events—your thank-you gift will serve its purpose even outside of work!


2. Eco-friendly Bottle

In the previous couple of years, we’ve been hearing a lot about numerous green alternatives for everyday items. Why not surprise your partner with an environmentally friendly bottle?

Regular plastic bottles have been proven to release harmful toxins into the water we drink, potentially causing internal damage. On the flip side, reusable bottles are made of ecofriendly materials—take the bottle Retap, for instance. Made of borosilicate glass, it represents a healthier alternative to the plastic. By gifting your partner a reusable bottle, they’re not only going to be contributing to a cleaner environment, but also investing in their health.

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3. Bottled wine

Who doesn’t enjoy a bottle of wine? The sweet fruity scents paint us a mental image of French vineyards, creating a tranquillity in our minds. Why not gift your business partner a classic bottle of their favourite wine? You could always go one step further and gift them the bottle in a portable wine rack that folds out into a tray—to add a personal touch, you can decide to have your friend’s company logo engraved onto the actual rack!

While a bottle of wine seems like the perfect gift for any opportunity, make sure your business partner does in fact enjoy the occasional glass of wine.


4. Tasty Surprise

Nothing brings a bigger smile to one’s face than the smell of freshly baked cookies—well, except maybe baking them yourself. A thank-you gift is the perfect opportunity to express your sincere gratitude for your business partner’s unwavering support throughout the years. Consider saying thank you around Christmas time, when the smell of baked goods travelling from room to room will create the perfect holiday atmosphere.


5. Something Personal

Do you and your partner have an inside joke? Perhaps a fun memory from one of your meetings? Why not come up with a completely personalized gift to commemorate your special bond? It’s easier to work with friends than strictly business partners, after all. A personalized thank-you gift will let your partner know you value both your friendship and work relationship.

The best time to gift a custom present is either on their birthday, or perhaps whenever they accomplish a milestone worth commemorating. Do make sure, however, that you and your partner have established a friendship outside the office before surprising them with something personal.

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