Sustainable promotional gifts made of bamboo

Bamboo, Cork, and Wheat Fibre – Go For Sustainable Promotional Gifts

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December 21st 2020
Bamboo, Cork, and Wheat Fibre - Go For Sustainable Promotional Gifts 1Veronika Mikec is a full-time student, writer, and future revolutionary.


Eco-friendly promotional products will still be trending in 2021 – why is that? Haven’t we done enough for the well-being of our planet? We replaced plastic bags with reusable ones, isn’t that already a big enough effort?

These types of questions are exactly what drives the popularization of sustainable promotional gifts – believing that we’ve done our part in protecting our environment by instilling small changes into our everyday lives harms the actual progress that has been achieved so far with our actions. It’s important we keep up our attempts at changing the detrimental effects of global warming so as to ensure a better future for not only our children, but the future generations and other species as well. It is on us to take on responsibility to fix our previous mistakes.

One way of doing this is by surprising your customer base with sustainable promotional gifts, and educating them on the importance of environmental issues. And while the promotional products industry is growing steadily, it is also becoming more complex. The constantly changing social trends and technological advances can make the selection of promotional products and business gifts for your company even more difficult. 

Let’s start with the basics. What should quality promotional products that will authentically represent your company and brand actually be like?

Products, that might interest you


Being completely honest, people are bored. The market has been flooded with cheap trinkets and just about every one of us had already received a bunch of promotional products, among which only a few were actually useful. People tend to optimize their living and working space, which is why you should aim to surprise them with products that are functional and efficient.


Promotional products are still considered one of the most cost effective advertising methods. No matter how unique and inovative they are, if the products are not of good quality, they will not “survive” the brutal promotional market industry. 

For example, imagine you’re visiting an event. You return home with at least ten different pens from ten different companies. Which of them do you still use? Surely it’s the ones that turned out to be of great quality, right? The rest found their new home at the back of a drawer or even at the bottom of the bin. Why is that? Because more and more companies want to impress their customers just with the design of the product, but do not pay enough attention to product quality. In this case, too, the saying goes – less is more. With less promotional products of excellent quality, you will make a bigger and better impression in the long run than you would with a big number of cheap products that people quickly lose interest in when they recognize their true value.

Technologically advanced

Interesting, outstanding and useful technological gadgets are among the most sought after promotional products. This includes everything from fitness equipment to various chargers, headphones to portable batteries (powerbanks) and USB sticks. 

Technology products are on the rise and all you have to do is choose the perfect gift for your customers and business partners from a wide range, and find the ones that will work best for your marketing goals or business budget. Technological gifts are a great way to present your business in a positive light to new audiences and strengthen existing customer relationships.

Eco-friendly promotional products

And finally, we come back around and end the discussion by focusing on sustainable promotional gifts. As mentioned earlier, concern for the environment is present today in all areas of our lives and work. People are becoming more and more aware of their environment and thinking about the world in which our children and grandchildren live and will live. 

Did you know that as many as 91% of people have at least one promotional product in their kitchen? Why shouldn’t these products, for example, be made from environmentally friendly and degradable materials, such as bamboo or wheat straw fibre

With such promotional products, as a company, you can show your green-oriented view of the world, which will definitely be a big plus in the eyes of our customers and business partners.

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