Here's how to add value to your customer

How to Add Value to Your Customer?

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September 25th 2019
How to Add Value to Your Customer? 1Veronika Mikec is a full-time student, writer, and future revolutionary.


When coming up with a new business idea, or upgrading one you’ve already developed, always ask yourself—what added value am I offering my buyers? Knowing whether or not your services and products are satisfactory, will help you come up with different initiatives to better your business model.

If you are not only meeting your customers’ needs and expectations, but also exceeding them, you will be able to move up the corporate ladder much faster than the average entrepreneur. This is exactly why you should strive to add value to your customer.

Added value will help you boost your customers’ interest, and keep them hooked. So, while your initial ideas might be fantastic and already reeling in clients, offering anything more than is expected of you and your services will result in greater success.


There are three most important things that you need to know when you decide to add value to your customer:

1. Look at things from your client’s perspective — what would you want out of this interaction? Would you be satisfied with what you’re offering currently? Or would you expect more than what is being placed on the table? How big of an impact will your services have on your customers life? By looking at things from a different perspective, you will no longer focus so much on selling the product, but rather on serving the client.

Say you’re an accountant. While your services include examining financial records, dealing with taxes, and advising your clients, they also offer your customers peace of mind knowing their finances are in good hands. While they are happy to pay for your professional services, they are most likely even happier being able to go about their day without having to worry about money-related issues.


2. Good customer experience in itself is added value, and it will undoubtedly make or break your sale. No matter how good your products or services are, the human interaction is what people remember most. A good experience with the salesman is what convinces people to come back, and recommend the company to their friends and families, potentially generating more business in the months to follow.


3. Feedback is essential when growing your business—it is one of the most efficient ways of making sure what you’re doing is in line with your clients’ expectations. By handing out surveys you’ll be able keep track of your customers’ satisfaction, and fix some of the minor mistakes you’re likely to be making. These miniscule flaws might be what’s been preventing your former clients from coming back.

A big part of using the feedback to your advantage is knowing how to fix the mistakes—if a customer is, say, disappointed by the lack of colour options your product is available in, think of introducing new designs whenever first possible. Not only is there a possibility that particular client will come back, but you are also likely to attract new buyers who have been dealing with the same problem.

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In the world of business, it’s all about being one step ahead of your competition. Whatever it is they’re offering, it’s on you to offer something better by adding value to your customer.

Knowing what exactly the clients are looking for gives you the opportunity to come up with an idea that will entice a bigger number of people and leave them wanting more.

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