Why should you use promotional products?

Reasons to Use Promotional Products for Your Business

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November 26th 2019
Reasons to Use Promotional Products for Your Business 1 Veronika Mikec is a full-time student, writer, and future revolutionary.


A big number of entrepreneurs still doubts the importance of promotional gifts, despite the continuous and unwavering success they bring. It has been proven countless times how promotional products increase brand recognition, provide exposure for the company, and ensure the customers’ loyalty. With mass production, this marketing approach makes for a very cost-effective way of attracting new buyers and creates the possibility of doubling your earnings.

Even the biggest, most established businessmen and businesswomen use this technique to stay at the very top of their game. It’s no wonder more and more entrepreneurs at the beginning of their careers opt for this type of advertising—it’s cheaper, and in some cases, more successful than the most common marketing strategies. Everyday items (such as calendars, mugs, flash drives, and umbrellas) branded with your company’s name and logo will drive business growth and help with brand awareness.

If you’re still not convinced after my little monologue, keep reading–I promise you, you will be making your first promotional purchase the second you finish reading this article (if not sooner). 

Here are some of the main reasons to consider integrating promotional gifts into your marketing strategy.


1. Low-cost Marketing

As previously mentioned, it’s incredibly easy to attract big numbers of new clients for a relatively low price. Most promotional products are mass produced, which is why the original purchase price will not leave a big dent in your wallet. It will, however, leave an impression on your clients. If you’re just beginning to climb on the corporate ladder, using low-cost promotional products is definitely the best way of gaining momentum for your company—smaller firms rarely get the chance to greet a wider audience through media, making promotional gifts the perfect alternative.

Keep in mind that the quality of what you send out into the world represents the quality of your entire company—don’t rely on the lowest prices to produce a good image of your business. Instead, find a compromise between cost and quality, and make sure the products will not disappoint.

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2. Clients’ Trust and Loyalty

While business growth is the number one goal when gifting promotional products, a big part of it is also the customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. And although  new clients are always welcome, it is the patrons that act as your advocates and promote your business in the future. With a huge base of returning customers you are sure to reel in an even bigger number of potential buyers, which is in itself reason enough to try out promotional material.

Let me give you an example. One of your regular customers is wearing a hat with your company’s logo on it, which draws the attention of one of his friends. They ask him or her about it, and the word gets out—you’re officially on the radar, and the possibility of new customers skyrockets. The more people ask about it, the better–this is why it’s important to make sure what you’re putting out in the world is of good quality, and attractive. They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but believe me when I tell you whoever they are, they’re wrong. You wouldn’t want a client of yours to walk around with a badly made product with your company’s name or logo on it, now would you?


3. Immediate and Continuous Recognition

If done right, promotion through freebies could mean instant brand awareness. The main point of such products is, after all, opening doors for your company and making it a household name. It’s best if the product is practical and easy to use, as that will make it a part of your clients’ every day. Some people might even remember your firm’s logo in their subconsciousness—the more your company stays at the back of people’s minds, the better. This way, whenever your previous clients need a product or service, you will be the first place they’ll think of going.

The reason this strategy works is simple—people love free gifts! No matter the occasion or person, a thoughtful surprise is appropriate at all times. Why not use it to your advantage and grow your customer base?

Have I convinced you?

There’s numerous other reasons why you’d want to include some promotional material into your marketing strategy–it is, afterall, a marketing strategy on its own. With promotional gifts, you save money on other kinds of advertising (such as Facebook ads, for instance), since the products you give out to your clients work as billboards. The better your gifts can fit (even camouflage) into your customers’ everyday lives, the better! Things like T-shirts (or any kind of apparel, really), keychains, USB sticks, tote bags, water bottles–all of these make for perfect promotional gifts, which not only do their job (which is to promote your brand, obviously), they’re also of practical use to your clients!

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