Business gifts and colours

Business Gifts and Colours

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October 20th 2019
Business Gifts and Colours 1Veronika Mikec is a full-time student, writer, and future revolutionary.


Although there’s a lot to colour psychology, we’re pretty sure you know the basics—even if you’re not aware of it. Each colour, even its hue, has its own particular meaning that makes its way to our subconscious. 

And with business gifts, colours are that much more important to consider. Green, for instance, fills you with energy, and reminds you of nature. Meanwhile, looking at blue skies and the ocean makes you calm, relaxed, and helps you take your mind off of your worries. This is exactly how colours work—their ability to affect our mood and emotions (either in the positive or the negative way) is something that even science has had a hard time explaining. Nonetheless, our brains react in the way they do, and our best bet is to simply go along with it and try using it to our advantage.

Choosing the right colour can help further or strengthen your corporate relationships! But, as you might have guessed it by now, colours can be very tricky—it can prove to be a real hassle trying to come up with the exact right hue for the given occasion. Here are some guidelines to help you when picking a colour palette for your business gift.

White, the virgin colour. It reminds us of new beginnings, purity, and innocence. I’m sure you’re thinking what I’m thinking—seems like the perfect colour for gifts at the beginning of a business relationship! Combining all the colours of the rainbow, it’s sure to hit the nail on the head.

Black, on the other hand, waits for us at the other end of the colour spectrum. Existing through the sheer absence of all colours, it works best for elegant, prestigious gifts. Surprise your business partner with a classic black flash drive, which will come in handy at your future meetings.

Yellow, the complete opposite—the sunshine colour, most commonly linked with happiness, is the perfect choice for a gift when celebrating a big success with your partner. It reminds us of positive emotions, and helps us find the bright side in even the most complicated situations.

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Orange is not as popular, although I’m still trying to figure out why. With its bright hues, the colour orange brings out our creativity, encouraging us to share ideas and communicate. What could be better for a brainstorming environment in your office than a splash of orange?

Red symbolizes love, vitality, energy, dynamics, and speed. It almost seems as if it encompasses everything business gifts stand for! Although it may come across as a very aggressive colour, it is aggressive in the right sense—it helps intellectual activity to reach its full potential.

Green is the colour of nature and patience. Despite it being a generally relaxing colour, it fills us with energy and encourages us to think outside the box. Additionally, it helps us stay down to earth and reminds us to always to look at things from different perspectives.

Blue, reminiscent of the sky above us, gives us the feeling of freedom and intelligence. Its dark hues, on the other hand, remind us of depth and innovative thinking. A corporate gift in this colour may inspire your business partner to put trust into your company.

Purple, the very queen of creative thinking, is an incredibly strong colour in terms of prestige and intelligence. It has been linked with wealth and power since forever, which is why it makes for the perfect corporate gift colour. Choosing different intensities of the colour helps balance its qualities.

Pink is often known as purple’s little sister, reminding us of femininity and all that is new. Its positive nature easily brings happiness to one’s face, and helps us imagine new solutions to disagreements we deal with in our day-to-day lives. It’s perfect for problem-solving in the workplace!

Brown is, naturally, an earth colour. It stands for all that is natural and real. Its different hues, ranging from light beige to chocolate, convey all kinds of emotions and mental states, all of which work positively towards an enthusiastic work relationship.

Which colour to choose for your business products depends on what types of feelings you are trying to bring out—and the same goes for your company as well. If your business has to do with creative ideas in the field of design, for instance, then your best choice are vibrant, in-your-face colours. With that in mind, your products should reflect your company’s energy—but don’t go overboard! Sometimes a classic off-white is exactly what you need to send the right message to your current and future colleagues.

What kinds of colours are you most attracted to? Are there some colours you hate and would never ever want to see on a business gift? I know I could definitely name a few. Share your thoughts below!

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