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Warm Bed, Scented Candles, and a Tea Pot: Staying Healthy During Winter Months

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September 28th 2020
Warm Bed, Scented Candles, and a Tea Pot: Staying Healthy During Winter Months 1Renata Novak is a brand manager, digital marketer and content writer.


Have snoring, coughing and headaches become a constant in your life? Have you been feeling all types of tired lately? Have you had more trouble focusing on your work? If you answered yes to any of those questions, I have some bad news for you – you’re definitely doing something wrong. But lucky for you, all of it is easily fixable – and I have the solution. What if I told you that all you really needed to stay healthy during winter was a bed with lots of pillows, a tea pot to brew your favourite tea in, and some candles to set the mood? You wouldn’t believe me, I know – especially if you’re prone to illness in cold winter months. And you’d be kind of right – I’ll admit that there may be more to avoiding the flu than just a pot of tea – but let me elaborate. Of course, the number one tip to follow in order to avoid getting sick is to visit your PCP and get the right shots. However, the rest you can do by yourself in the comfort of your own home. 

Befriend the Fresh Air 

I know, I know! It’s cold outside and it’s getting colder by the second. You’d much rather stay inside with a cup of warm cocoa and a blanket – trust me, so would I. But the thing is, while staying indoors where it is warm and comfortable, we’re more likely to come into contact with germs, especially if we’re living with someone who’s already sick. Taking a short walk around your neighbourhood can be very refreshing, helping you wake up and become more focused. Not to mention the beautiful snowy scenery that we tend to miss out on by staying in the comfort of our own bed.

Exercise (Just a Little Bit)

Unless you’re an avid frequenter of your local gym, you’re not very likely to spend winter days doing squats and push-ups. And while it is true that cold weather makes us lazier than usual, you should at least consider doing some exercises, or at least stretches. Take out a yoga mat, and start out with some easy work outs – don’t forget to warm up and cool down as well! Depending on the intensity of your work out, be sure to drink enough water and eat a fulfilling meal afterwards. To motivate yourself, put on some music. (On second thought, why not replace the exercising with a dance party?)

Clear Both Your Mind and Sinuses

This is certainly the last thing you would think about when overcoming a cold, but relaxation can greatly help improve your immune system. Stress is a common cause of illness, which is why taking care of your mind is just as important as taking care of your body. When we’re feeling strained, we begin neglecting proper nutrition and sleep, which serves as an open invitation for germs to enter your body. This is exactly why you should make sure to completely relax every now and then, setting aside your tasks and problems you’re facing in your personal life. The best way to ease your mind is by meditating – light some scented candles, put on relaxing music, and focus on your breathing. You’ll soon begin noticing changes in both your mental and physical health.

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Have Yourself a Bath

Germs are everywhere, and they’re very good at damaging out otherwise perfect health. This is why you should take extra care of your hygiene during flu season – take regular showers and baths, making sure you’re cleaning every part of your body. Don’t forget to also keep your hands clean before your meals – use antibacterial soap and avoid touching your mouth and nose if your hands aren’t clean. Consider buying a travel-size hand gel which you can carry around with you and use it on the go. By doing so, you’ll lower the risk of getting sick.

A Tea Pot a Day

Sometimes all you really need to stay warm is a warm drink and a cosy blanket to wrap yourself in while binge watching your favourite films. Use a tea pot to brew your favourite teas, add in a drop of honey, and you’re ready to go (and by go, I mean stay in)! Be sure to use fresh tea leaves when using your tea pot to ensure your drink keeps its true, natural taste. If you’re not really a fan of tea, try different sources of health benefits – use a blender to test out a smoothie recipe, or simply make a vitamin C filled glass of orange juice with the help of a slicer and juicer. There are very useful especially when you already feel sick and want to prevent further progression of the illness.

Dress Appropriately

As much as we wish we could, we can’t avoid running errands even during the coldest days of the year. This is why you need to make sure you’re dressing appropriately – don’t forget to dress in layers, put on thick woollen socks and gloves, protect your head with a warm hat, and avoid getting a cold by wrapping your neck in a soft scarf. This isn’t only to prevent getting sick – you’ll feel way more comfortable knowing you’re safe from the cold, and you also won’t be shivering while waiting for the bus or walking across the park.

Sleep, Sleep and More Sleep 

A good sleep schedule works wonders. Not only does it help with digestion, but it also has a great impact on both your physical and mental health. An occasional sleepless night won’t hurt, but often lack of sleep can damage your immune system and encourage an unhealthy change of your biorhythm. Although it is believed that the number of hours of sleep one needs depends on the individual, this is not actually the case – most doctors agree that every adult should sleep for at least seven, if not eight hours a night. 

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