Sprout – pencil that grows!

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Need innovative and unique promotional products for your business meetings? Want to educate and motivate your employees about the importance of sustainable development in a fun way? Are you hosting an event or a conference and want to leave a positive message?

Introducing Sprout – a pencil that grows! There is no better promotional pen on the market! How would it be if a pencil could grow into something delicious, beautiful and fun instead of being thrown into the trash? We asked that question, gave it a chance, and “Sprout” was born. We are really glad to present you the world’s first growing pencil!

Sprout contains organically grown seeds that, well, sprout. Each pencil contains at least four seeds, depending on the type of herb, flower or vegetable. There are ten different seeds available: thyme, basil, coriander, sage, cherrytomato, chia, daisy, carnation, forget-me-not and sunflower. A pencil with seeds is a refresher for both your kitchen and the window sill.

The Sprout pencil does not contain lead! Therefore, there is no danger in consuming the herbs that grow from the seeds planted. The materials that make it possible to write are graphite and clay. They are natural and do not pose a threat to plants, groundwater or humans. It’s a pleasure to write with Sprout. And it even smells really nice.

Sprout is designed from sustainably sourced and high-quality cedar or birch, giving you a great writing experience.

The Sprout pencil can be engraved with your company’s name and logo to make it more personalized.

Gift packaging is available for 1, 3 or 7 pencils.

Sprout was named most environmentally friendly product in the world by the world’s largest IGC promotion organization the 2013.

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More about Sprout at: www.sproutworld.com



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Material: Cedar or birch

Colour: Natural

Dimensions: 213x32x18 mm

Weight (g) / Fabric Weight (g/m2) / Volume (ml): 4 g

Personalization: Digital print

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