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Slovenian footstool – a unique gift with a long tradition
Footstools have always been an indispensable item in the family. At first glance, its versatility stands out because it leaves the door open to our imagination and offers many uses.
In the magical world of children, the footstool can turn into a chair, a table, a play area, a tabletop for watching cartoons or movies, a fortress or a toy storage area. It is also an indispensable helper when a child wants to reach higher shelves. Thus, the Slovenian footstool is also a unique helper who helps the young children make their first important discoveries in the apartment.
For schoolchildren and students, it is often a supplement that can bring them back to childhood, but on the other hand offers them new experiences. The footstool can serve as a place to put away their cellphone, tablet and many other things they want to have on hand. The strap is lightweight and convenient, so it can be carried anywhere.
Adults often notice and appreciate the aesthetic role of this accessory, which is at the same time linked to many family adventures. It is extremely handy as a foot support, which helps to keep us healthy. It is also useful when trying to reach one of the high cabinets. Many times, after a busy day, it’s also nice to sit on it, take a breather, and look at the world from another perspective. Feature The Slovenian footstool is made from solid oak wood. It is distinguished by its elegant and timeless design, which excels in both a traditionally furnished and modern home. The Slovenian footstool is equipped with hidden storage, which can be used to store different objects. At the same time, it can also be a handy storage space for small items that you will always know where to find.



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