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It’s simple. The Drinkitnow promotional water bottle brings you to specific goals. It helps you drink 2 liters of fluid throughout the day. The secret is to distribute them evenly throughout the day.

Fill your Drinkitnow bottle with a drink of your choice. Fresh water is recommended. When the bottle is empty, refill it. This way, you will drink 2 liters of fluid effortlessly. You will feel much better and will be full of energy.

The recommended daily amount of adult fluid to drink is at least 2 liters. Intake of sufficient amount of fluid is important for the whole body. It helps maintain concentration, prevents headaches, improves skin health, helps with weight loss, etc. … the list is long. Although we all know the importance of regular drinking, it often happens that in a constant rush we forget about it.

With Drinkitnow, this will not happen to you anymore. At home or at work, just looking at the bottle will remind you to drink a glass of water. The scale on the bottle leads you to drink 0.25 liters per hour. That’s not a big deal. This is how you regularly inject fluid into your body. It’s that easy!

You can order a bottle with black, red or green detailin. A silicone or walnut wood cap is also available.

For a walnut bottle, the price per piece is 1.5 EUR higher.



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